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There are a lot of large, beautiful homes in Avondale, owned by folks who know the value of a dollar. That’s why when they need to have the interior or exterior of their home painted they call CL McDaid Painting. CL McDaid is the value leader when it comes to providing the highest quality finished product at the best possible price. Every project we undertake is informed by an ironclad commitment to customer satisfaction and each is given the same care and consideration no matter how large or small.

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When you enlist the services of a professional painting company you have every right to a reasonable expectation that the company will:

• Commence work on the appointed date at the appointed time.
• Perform all the work stipulated in the contract to the best of their ability.
• Use exactly the materials they said they would use, not cheap substitutes.
• Respect every aspect of your property and possessions.
• Dress and behave in a professional manner at all times.
• Clean up the jobsite at the end of each and every day.
• Finish the job on time.
• Not add any phantom charges to the final bill.

That doesn’t necessarily sound like rocket science but it’s amazing how many house painters find it difficult to adhere to even half these principles, never mind all of them. At CL McDaid we see every item on that list as an aspect of customer service. And because of that comprehensive approach to customer satisfaction our list of satisfied customers has grown at a steady clip.

Our Painters Pay Attention to Detail

Producing a paint job that will stand the test of time requires thorough preparation. That’s why Conor from CL McDaid performs a comprehensive assessment of your home before making any recommendations either practical or aesthetic. By getting to know the patient (as it were) he ensures the right diagnosis regarding what needs to be done and then he provides you an affordable way to do that.

Efficient and Effective Avondale House Painters

When we commit to a work schedule we take it seriously. We start at the designated time and finish by the designated time. While we are at work on your home we operate in the most effective and efficient manner possible without ever cutting corners or sacrificing quality. We proceed according to plan using best practices and sweat every detail. At the end of the day you get a paint job you’ll be proud of for years to come.

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While some house painters refuse to purchase insurance coverage in order to increase their profit margins we have no wish to expose our clients to such risk. If an uninsured painter causes damage to your home or that of your neighbor, or if one of their workers gets hurt on the job, the financial burden is yours to bear. CL McDaid is completely covered for both injury and liability.

If you want a house painting job that is going to last make sure you do what an increasing number of your Avondale neighbors are doing; call CL McDaid and rest easy.

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