Exterior Paint FAQs

Choosing the Right Paints for Your Exterior

When planning on painting the exterior of your home, it is important to put some factors into consideration in order to have the best possible paint job done.

There are many factors to consider when planning on painting the exterior of the home ranging from the paint color, the paint finish, the accents and others. Choosing the right contractor for the job will, however, save you the stress involved in this process as you can always have a chat with your painting contractor in West Chester for professional help in arriving at the best possible color option for the home’s exterior.

When working with a contractor, it is important to avoid rushing the job. Below are some of the considerations to make.

Start with Color

The first and obvious choice to make when planning on having the paint job on the exterior part of your house redone is the color. This is most likely the most challenging aspect as you may choose to go with a different color compared to what was originally on it. When choosing a different color, there are some considerations to put into perspective such as:

  • What is the color scheme of the homes in the neighborhood?
  • What are the trending and popular colors in use?
  • Will my color option match and complement my landscaping
  • What is the effect of sunlight or shade on the color of choice?
  • Do I plan on selling my home or not?
  • Consider the fixed features such as the stoneworks, bricks, and others.

When choosing a new color for your home’s exterior, the factors listed above should be given due considerations as they will influence the choice of the final paint color to choose.

Pick Your Finish

After picking the best color which will best fit the exterior of your home, the next part is to decide on the right finish for the paint. The finish for your paint, be it flat, satin, gloss, or semi-gloss, can impact the final presentation of your home’s exterior. For most exterior painting jobs, the choice of the high gloss paint finish is mostly used because it can easily be cleaned and maintained. For sidings, flats, satin or semi-gloss paint finishes can be used depending on the recommendation of the painting contractor.

Here are some of the information needed in making the choice of paint finish for your home’s exterior.

  • The high- and semi-gloss paint finishes are easier to clean and maintain therefore making it the best choice for high traffic areas including doors and windows.
  • It is not recommended that a gloss finish is used for older homes as it highlights flaws in the home.
  • The choice of Flat or matte finishes is best when you aim to conceal flaws on the surface, however, this paint finish option is almost impossible to clean.
  • Satin can be chosen for richer colors and are easier to clean compared to the matte although they are tricky.

Quality of Paint

When choosing exterior paints, it is important to consult with your painting contractor to choose the best quality paints on the market for the perfect job. The quality of the paint chosen has an effect on the lifespan of the paint and as such, for durability and to save cost on the long run, it is recommended that only high-quality paints be used.

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