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CL McDaid Painting is the wise choice for discerning homeowners who want someone that is going to provide more than a quick coat of paint that will start peeling a few months after it’s applied. CL McDaid is committed to total customer satisfaction and sets the standard for excellence in Kennett Square and beyond.
Prompt House Painter Near Kennett Square

At CL McDaid our commitment to your complete satisfaction means we don’t believe in wasting your time. When Conor schedules a house visit and says he will be there at a certain time, he is there. When the contract says work will commence on a specific day at a specific time that is when it commences. We understand your time is valuable and we never take your patronage for granted. Here are three more reasons to choose CL McDaid Painting:

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Quality work – Any job worth doing is worth doing right. It’s an old adage but one that we take to heart each and every day. We believe in the value of preparation, we sweat the details and double check everything before declaring any job finished. Our commitment to quality includes using only the finest interior and exterior paints, respecting every aspect of your property and never, under any circumstances settling for “good enough”. When you enlist the services of CL McDaid Painting you can rest assured no corners will be cut, no excuses will be made and final product will meet or exceed your expectations.

Professionalism – Conor has many years’ experience in the painting and home improvement business. He has seen first-hand the difference a professional attitude and demeanor makes in putting the client at ease so that the focus can be brought to bear where it belongs; on the work. He knows the things that separate the true professionals from the amateurs are a neat professional appearance, the use of the proper tools, best safety practices and prompt, effective responses to customer questions and concerns. Which brings us to our next point…

Customer Care – CL McDaid is committed to your total satisfaction and that commitment is firmly ensconced at the heart of everything we do. We understand that real customer care is more than simply having an answering service to log customer complaints. Real customer service means eliminating the mistakes, oversights and shady business practices that generate most customer complaints in the first place. That means showing up on time, doing the job right, cleaning the jobsite meticulously when the project is complete and not trying to sneak phantom charges onto a bill after the fact.
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There are a lot of people who profess to be house painters today. Separating the wheat from the chaff is not always easy. At CL McDaid Painting we are happy to provide references and detailed overviews of past projects so that you can feel confident in choosing us. Give Conor a call today and start yourself on the road to a successful and satisfying house painting experience.

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