Top-Rated House Painter Near Malvern

Best House Painter Near Malvern PA Painting A Wall

When you need a painting contractor you can rely on in Malvern CL McDaid is the company to call. CL McDaid is committed to ensuring you are 100% satisfied with every aspect of our work. From our thorough and informative consultation and prep work to our use of the finest materials and best practices CL McDaid stands head and shoulders above the competition, and our ever increasing number of satisfied customers are a testament to that fact.

Top-Rated House Painter Near Malvern


When you hire CL McDaid Painting you can be assured of the following:


  • Your painting project will start at the designated time.
  • All aspects of your property will be shown the respect they deserve.
  • The worksite will be cleaned up at the end of each day.
  • No details will be overlooked and no aspect of the project given short shrift.
  • The materials used will be precisely what was promised.
  • Your painting project will wrap up on time.
  • You will never see phantom charges on your bill.


CL McDaid provides prompt, high quality work that is always delivered in a professional manner. No matter how large or small the project we approach it with the same eye for detail and total commitment to your complete satisfaction. Our services include:

Exterior Painting


Proper exterior painting often involves more than simply setting up a ladder and applying paint. Homes are made from and clad in a variety of materials with each requiring a specific approach. As such our comprehensive exterior painting services cover:


  • Wood, vinyl and composite siding
  • Stucco and concrete
  • Fascia, soffits and wooden gutters
  • Architectural woodwork
  • Doors and windows
  • Decks, railings and pergolas
  • All types of fencing and railings
  • And more…

Interior Painting


Your home is likely the largest single investment you will ever make and deserves to be treated as such. A second-rate interior paint job will not only undermine the value of your home but undermine the quality of your day to day life. At CL McDaid we understand how important it is to deliver an outstanding finished product for our clients and to that end we offer a full range of top-quality interior painting services including, but not limited to:


  • Walls and ceilings
  • Windows and doors
  • Framework
  • Baseboards and crown moldings
  • Antique paneling and wainscoting
  • Cabinets
  • Wallpaper installation
  • Wallpaper removal
  • Railings and more…

Comprehensive Consultation


At CL McDaid the perfect paint job begins with the consultation. Conor comes to you at a time of your convenience and, after assessing the interior or exterior of the house (or both, depending on your needs) sits down with you and explains what he sees as the best way forward. He listens to what you want, offers a full array of options to achieve your objectives, explains what he sees as challenges (if any) and provides you an estimate.  


Don’t trust the well-being of your largest investment to the hands of unqualified or unscrupulous contractors. Contact Conor at CL McDaid today and get the ball rolling on a paint job that will do your Malvern home proud.

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